© 2003 Bonnie Wilson Daniels

You stepped out on me
for the very last time,
Iím telling you youíve
finally crossed the line,
Iím not putting up with
you no more,
Iíve packed my things
and I am out the door.

Every time you donít
come home all night,
I stay awake and cry
Ďtil morning light,
Then you come sneaking
up the stairs to bed,
With romance dancing
in your silly head.

Thatís enough---------Iím through,
Iím moving on, without you,
I tried-------------------you lied,
And I hope youíre satisfied--------,
Because Baby----------Iím long gone!

You promised me that
this time was the last,
But sure enough you
live up to your past,
I want to think the things
you say are true,
But if the truth be known,
I canít believe in you.

I donít think you
deserve another chance,
You say youíre just a
victim of circumstance,
Well I donít care to hear
your lame excuse,
Iím on my way and
through with your abuse !

Youíre so bad-----------inside and out,
Youíre no good---------without a doubt,
I wonít take it anymore,
Iím on my way, right out the door !!

Thatís enough----------Iím through,
Iím moving on, without you,
I tried--------------------you lied,
And I hope youíre satisfied,
Because Baby-----------Iím long gone!

Bye Bye-----------------so long

Baby Iím long gone!!