Order the track music for American Hero

We have received numerous requests for sheet music and instrumental tracks so that soloists and groups can perform American Hero at patriotic celebrations.

We do not have sheet music available presently but we do have music tracks with and without backup vocals.

Until now, we have dealt with each request on an individual basis. We are now making the tracks available to order right here.

The American Hero "track" CD contains one instrumental track without backup vocals and one instrumental track with backup vocals. Both are in the Key of A major.

The "American Hero" song, with full lead vocals, is not on this instrumental track CD and is not sold as a single because it is included on the "No Fear" and "The Dusty Trail Called Life" CDs.

If you are purchasing an American Hero track CD to use in a program, we recommend that you also purchase a "No Fear" CD, or Bonnie's brand new release "The Dusty Trail Called Life" CD. Both CDs contain the "American Hero" song with full lead vocals and will assist you with learning the song.

Thank you and God bless you as you support our veterans with your patriotic celebration.

Order "American Hero" music tracks on CD - Key of A major
CD contains two tracks
One instrumental track with backup vocals
One instrumental track without backup vocals
$6.99 including shipping and handling